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Posted by marmara on June 27, 2023

As magician and ventriloquist in Thailand as you encounter the mind magician on the Internet: If someone tries to steal the show from a necromancer, in Thailand you can count with poison in the food! It can of course also be, that an injured necromancer revenge seeks and calls ‘merely’ the spirits against a stranger ignorant, pedantic, or even blasphemous to the defense of indigenous traditions and customs. Because wonder is whether the spirits have power? And they have power in such a way that they can punish a stranger because of lack of knowledge. It seemed to me to be necessary, to familiarize myself with the Landeseigenheiten also for demonstrating some harmless conjuring ( And this time has more than ‘paid’ off. (1) an unknown danger lurks in the Palm trees shade.

If one takes refuge from the burning rays of the Sun under the shade of a Palm tree at the wrong time, then can the Palm more than a kilogram heavy coconut from on the head throw one about ten metres above sea level. And it is true that Western tourists already contested the journey home in a zinc coffin, because they had underestimated the perfidy of the palms. No looking up, whether over a ripe fruit is hang that only an arrogant stranger might who thinks to be able to ignore, ABB any country knowledge. 1. There are people who lived in Thailand for years, without ever having seen a poisonous snake or snake, about the meter long Python. The team knows that we humans are not the Python on the menu, unless it it smells like ‘Dog’ or ‘Cat’.

And also the poisonous snakes flee when they hear the comparatively loud steps of a person. It didn’t happen so as soon a disaster, unless you go very quietly has on tiptoes, hand in stone or earth crack or steps on a snake, which takes just soak up the Sun. The friendly locals finds more snakes, to bring them out of the reach of tourists, fig. 2 the insulted necromancer (or staff) will not have this trouble. (3) the local can easily distinguish perceived and actual risks. Lizards (often rather incorrectly called Gecko), fig. 3; love heat, also of air conditioners. The out of the closet-sounding noise can come from these lizards, looking for a warm spot on the roof of the air conditioning in the cool of the morning. I never found anyway, something in the closet, despite scary noises in the morning twilight, not even if the search with a bright flashlight. Dr. Brimborius (Dr. Peter Marcusson)

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