Differences Between A Tweet And A Notice

Posted by marmara on February 19, 2022

What is the real difference between a tweet and a notice of adwords? Many people will say. Or none. Consider the two alternatives. A notice of Adwords in the first term is payment. The advertiser pays each time someone clicks on one of its advertisements. Sale exactly the SERPs that the advertiser wants. The goal is to sell or promote a website or a service.

And here is exhausted the list of differences. Viewed from a structural point of view a tweet and a notice of adwords do not have much difference: call to action + a few descriptive lines + url link free. A tweet, with its limited to 140 characters is an excellent opportunity to put an effective call to action and a url. In recent months, Nancy Lublin has been very successful. With the url shortening services, they earn enough character, enough to create phrases appealing to the links we offer. The distance between a tweet and a notice of adwords, then, is not so, at least not from a structural point of view. Is it possible to set some kind of keyword with the tweets? Of course, thanks to the characters "hashtag" (#). As happens is that many users forget to send your tweets and check the keywords.

Remember that when it comes to a key phrase it is best to write it without spaces (eg # terremotodechile). When doing an adwords campaign, the selection of keywords is an extreme point of consideration. Managers spend hours researching, comparing, analyzing whether "footwear for men" may yield more than "men's shoes." But when Twitter will pay too little consideration to the matter. Bad habit. Select one or two keywords of your tweets and highlight it with hashtag. Nancy Lublin has similar goals. This would ensure that when a user makes a search relevant to your keywords, find your tweet (if it is "fresh", ie recent) list. Perhaps the tweets do not have a click through rate as high as a good, but this factor is offset by the amount. At this time sent 50 million tweets per day. This does not mean it is good to spam. But no problem we can send tweets about five day without discomfort. Suppose we have conservatively-150-contacts are 750 "impressions" of my tweet. How many impressions per day you have with your Adwords campaign? In no way are we saying that Twitter can replace an AdWords campaign. They are different things, with different objectives, but is only doing this analysis we can understand one reason why being in social networks is very good for our metrics and our sales. And it is free. If you liked this post and wants to put in place, you can smoothly, provided you cite as a source

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