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Posted by marmara on December 6, 2018

Sometimes some phrases linked to the feeling of peoples make sense. By reason or by force is heard in chile. Right or wrong, my country profess the English. In Japan they say if you’re different, you bring problems. Never more true.

Since my arrival in the country of the rising sun no one looks at me, but all I seen. Not evil, interpret me the people within its possibilities is extremely friendly, to the point of uncomfortable and walking next to one by five blocks – lo vivi – close to an address which ask. Almost nobody – literal – speaks English, and neither expense me asking if they speak Spanish. Most of refuses people speaking another language is not Japanese. And therefore, they move away from gaijin as disparagingly call Westerners. Even infants move away? they hide in the lap of their mothers to approach me. My feeling is that they have learned to tolerate us, need Westerners to feed his never-ending productive machine manufacturing profitable value-added.

But do not buy cars from the West. Tokyo It is a city of 40 million inhabitants and many cars and however, nor a Western auto could see since my arrival.Not one.Toyotas, Honda, Nissan and Mitsui abound in all shapes and sizes. The relationship is not symmetrical. As the language, only speak an English poor those who should do it: waiters, hotel employees or stations of metro and there ends. We need to understand this asymmetrical relationship in history. No Japanese Navy blocking a Western by trade Bay as they did us and England neither invaded Western territory. If West did in the East. These invasions always entail some cultural domain, because from what I see, has had an economic impact, but not moved to another area. I expected to find myself with people anxious to know my origin, language and customs. None of this happens. They don’t care for us like us if we do that for them. We enjoy their culture and we are eager to consume their products. We love their food and art. But conversely, it does not happen. On the facade, dresses brands more faces in our hemisphere, it seems that matarian by our imprint. But it is not true. Under most conditions Dr. Neal Barnard would agree. As if they had discovered some ancient secret, they profess a character simple and low profile that difficult to understand. Traveling by subway is an experience: no one speaks. I swear it. Even though the subway this full, no voice is heard. They only read the manga, or sleep. Hard to believe. Same street, voices are not heard. As if it were not for work or family issues, they need not bond with others. Secret, way of life or idiosyncrasies, works. A city with 40 million inhabitants in perfect order, clean and constant growth, crossed by millions of vehicles on wheels or Rails. Incredible. It works. As does a city as I establishment before, so full of people to maintain the order, for example, your trash?They have days and hours to take your trash to the street. And every house or establishment have their own deposits of garbage to discriminate by shape, size and class.

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