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Posted by marmara on November 30, 2018

To know how to train a dog is necessary to know whether it is the intelligent dog or not, do you you think? Surely if we ask to many dog owners and lovers of the same they not would say that dogs if they have intelligence, even dare say; just need you to talk to my dog, and it would take hours and hours talking about all the things that make their dogs as recognize its owner auto engine, open all the doors of the House, know the exact time that becomes the owner, distinguish suspicious or poorly dressed people approaching the House, recognize people who ulguna time assaulted them or made them angry, etc, etc. I tell you that beyond these real experiences there are two lines of different thoughts: some scientists as the French philosopher Rene Descartes think that dogs lack intelligence, consciousness and any analogous to human mental process; He claims that the dogs compartment is instinctive and conditioning product; i.e. the dogs react according to their genetic instincts and conditioning product. The instinct for example does have a dog to hunt a prey to feed, seek refuge in inclement weather such as rains, storms, flee to certain situations of danger that threaten his life, swimming, barking, moving the tail, etc. Conditioned responses are those that the dog learns to perform if we give you a prize when you performs any particular conduct as sit, jump, throw and even when comes to our calling, etc. Another line of thinking is represented by scientists such as Aristotle, Porfirio and Darwin; who claim that the dogs if they have intelligence, feelings and some ability to reason, even that obviously to a lesser degree than the human being. What could go giving to us a clue as to the answer to the question of how to teach a dog. It is now necessary to clarify what is intelligence.

According to the most correct definition I found; intelligence is the ability to face new unforeseen situations or problems and solve them in a proper menera. The degree of intelligence has nothing to do with the ability to learn certain things from dogs. Some contemporary scholars such as Dr Stephen Walker and Dr Michael w. conclude that dogs possess; in varying degree, reasoning, feelings and intelligent behaviors. So, which of these two lines of thoughts is the correct? According to doctor Veterinario Jose Arca in their more than two decades brought in his Office with thousands of dogs, it leans more to the thought of Aristotle, Porfidio and Darwin; because it believed that the dogs if they have a certain degree of reasoning and intelligence but of course at a lower grade than the human being. There are numerous everyday behaviors that all owners have been observed, although they do not represent scientific evidence, make them believe that the dogs if they have intelligence, for example the following situation: A dog steals a garment and its enraged owner starts to run it, the dog starts to spin around a Chair, its owner follows him by a few moments, and then decides to run in the opposite direction to surprise and capture the dog; immediately the dog realizes the situation and he also reverses the direction in which was running; Thus a successful menera resolving a situation new and unexpected; Yet almost mocking the intelligence of his master.

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