Early Childhood Experiences

Posted by marmara on July 6, 2017

The first years of his life marked by fire its existence, due to sudden changes and were experienced as slapping, as followed, which did not give him time to recover, when they came the next. It was torn from his homeland, his paradise, without explanation, to lead a difficult life, violent, and full of unmet needs. Such was his rebellion, he was about to fall into the abyss of crime, where it is impossible to succeed. A phrase heard in passing struck a chord in his being: "Look, children like this are future criminals," as if an angel had come to shake him by the shoulders, saying, reacts, you're falling into a dark hole! He had always looked for light, life, nature, good God, and was not willing to follow a path that will lead to a lack of that, as yet, no strong guidance and example, it was proposed choose only those actions that serve to progress. Just got to study, work and raise a family, but he could never back to your paradise, indeed, his paradise was gone, but in their memories. This reality, plus the stress of modern life, and the weariness of the years, led him to have to walk in clinics and hospitals seeking the lost balance. The wheels of the chair turned cold quickly through hallways, dodging hurried steps and crossed stretchers, waiting to be moved to apply X-rays or ultrasound waves in an atmosphere imbued with an indecipherable mix of drugs and antiseptics. Suddenly, a flash invisible to insensitive, produced a flash at the crossing of two lives, one ended and another began. The chair he came across the table from his past, a table too large for her bare-chested boy with short pants and bloody face covered with his own shirt, a sure sign of the absence of life. Many times her mother had thought so, had no news for several days, until they appeared to get a reprimand. Thereafter, gradually restoring its balance and was able to live fully in the paradise that his positive energy helped to design.

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