Elias Prophet

Posted by marmara on October 27, 2013

Eliseu begged for it. It wanted folded portion of what Elias had. When Elias is taken to it, suddenly the desperation takes account of Eliseu, but soon it catches the layer and opens the river with it. This is the layer of the dicernimento, of the communion. When Elias is taken of Eliseu, this receives then the layer and with it the waited unction, was a shepherd blessing a shepherd, who was there until also its disciple. Although to receive the layer and the desired unction, the ministry of Eliseu as prophet was different of the one of Elias. Before being called, to receive the touch from this layer that now inherits, Eliseu was to campear oxen in the field, but to the being touched for the call Mr., it left everything and followed to preofeta Elias.

God was writing a new history! I say of new: God does not rewrite history. It writes a new history, God erases what he is not of its landlord. God builds new foundations. When Eliseu was arisen and followed Elias Prophet, it opened hand of what it had to follow a new intention (I Kings 19? 19 the 21). He was God asking to it: You are capable to open hand of what it was until today? The same done question to the rich young only that with different reply. It is the only time that Jesus asks for that somebody gives something to it, opens hand of its good. But the rich young did not open past hand. Jesus alone asked for everything, because God knew the heart of that young.

Jesus knew the reply, for this asked for that it delivered. It is necessary that you Babilnia leaves and what you destre. It recommences of the zero, It he is the Owner of the Gold and the Silver. God does not want yours cofrinho, your reserves, God does not covet what you brought of the world.

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