Elves Archetype

Posted by marmara on March 31, 2012

When we decided to play an elf character we are taking an important step. The complicated and exciting to play with an elf is that we should get inside the mind of someone who is not human, a being with some values and ideas different from those of the human race. This is one of the factors that determine their success or failure as a character. I will share with you a tool that you can serve if you are about to play an elf character: the archetype. As many of you already know, especially those who bring forth quite a while playing, the archetype is a double-edged sword.

Unlike dwarves and halflings perhaps, who have a definite and almost single archetype, the elf can boast of having a different archetype: fencing masters unsurpassed skill. Consider, for example, Drizzt Do'Urden, who is now an archetype in its own right. sorcerers and mystics of enormous power. Elrond and Dalamar are two good examples. High Elves and warriors of almost divine power as Gil-Galad … We see that as a race of elves are loaded models and archetypes, and this will be a great advantage when playing with them. The drawback is that elf archetype is exhausted, and this is mainly because in a few sessions have already been covered extensively all topics of the elven race, but will also depend on our campaign. Where is the key? I think it has on accessibility. Traditionally we've all seen or understood the elves as a race remote and inaccessible in all its aspects, from his magic, his wisdom or his handling of weapons.

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