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It is common to hear about the terms Launch, Entrepreneurship, Start, Start, Venturing, Address to name the most common, but when we think of starting an activity, business, homework, etc., It is inherent that this be related to risk, either oriented risk difficulty involved or threatened by the lack of security. Hence relationships Starting up is not a simple activity. If you think about this, is a key element who stars in the making of the work: The Entrepreneur. A person who takes the risk and adventure of starting something. Much has to do the characteristics, qualities, skills, energy invested in this character to meet its objective. On the premise that our actions reflected what we are. Then this process becomes an inclusive process of direct relationship.

In translating the spirit of enterprise in the implementation of a plan of action. And the satisfaction of carrying it out is greater, when our own those ideas become businesses, and challenge that constant fear of failure. After all, failure is just an unexpected result. Which can change with improvement and troubleshooting tasks. There are many qualities and characteristics should be referred to an entrepreneur or businessman. And all are equally important, one of the most outstanding is the ability to transform problems into opportunities or obstacles or areas of improvement in maintaining positive and eliminate the resistance, fear of change. Just as starting a business is a challenge, this adventure is applicable and beneficial to many areas of life. Does it depend only on that entrepreneurial spirit that the outcome is successful? Yes that is a key element, however the desire to transform our ideas and actually desired, in the constant search for satisfaction.

The daily task then is to educate the mind, avoiding these strictures and preparing to be ready for change, take risks and aim to turn dreams and ideals into reality. Try to encourage your initiatives personal, begins with the conviction of one’s own effectiveness. If you believe you deserve to get it. Haydee Haydee Quijano Quijano looking articles with their readers will be inspired to start his own business. For a course on how to start your business on the Internet see:

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