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Posted by marmara on May 22, 2015

Turtlenecks, leather boots and downy duvets. We all know how to winterize our closet. But sometimes it is not enough just with that. We fill our pantry for the winter happy? In addition to the diet; hygiene, no smoking and good sleep and relaxation habits benefit to your immune system, so it tries to say goodbye stress as soon as you leave the want that you resfries and we tell you that food can help you to combat it. Ten keys to a pantry against the cold 1.

Citrus. Oranges, tangerines, lemons, limes, Grapefruits are the Kings of vitamin C and also provide antioxidants and fiber, especially white skin. They also possess anti-inflammatory and disinfectant properties. Juice, salad 2. Spices. We highlight the cayenne pepper and chilli which thanks to the spicy point stimulates your immune system and keeps you warm.

Also the cumin, antiseptic and ideal in tea with honey to soothe sore throat. And oregano, one of the herbs with higher antioxidant power and anti-bacterial, it will help us reduce the symptoms if it is already too late to prevent colds. 3 Echinacea. Plant with medicinal powers immunostimulatory against viruses and bacteria. Studies of the universities of Connecticut, Maryland and Virginia deduced that it can reduce the risk of catching a cold and its duration. The European Medicines Agency approved the use of juice from flowers of Echinacea purpurea for prevention and treatment of the common cold. Not suitable for pregnant women, children, or more than 10 days treatment. Completely suitable for believers of herbal medicine and alternative medicines. 4 Ginger. One of its active compounds, the jingeroles, also have anti-inflammatory effects. It produces an effect on body heat and helps improve circulation problems. It has been shown to alleviate pain and swelling up to 75% in patients with arthritis. It also recommends against migraine and to have better digestion, now that come Christmas dinners.

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