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The necessity of the man to know beyond which it can empirically, took to create novel methods to know it hidden and to predict what was about to come. The tarot and the future has been able to be united, offering an answer maintained in the time to that one constant demand of information. In this case, we will try to come near to the beginnings of the Tarot and its use, still today, like method of divination of the future. Although an accurate origin of the Tarot does not exist, widely it is spread that the origin of naipes is of old Egypt, being a derivation of the famous book of Thoth. This one is a sacred book that according to is created, was dictated by the Egyptian God Thoth, that owned the gift to the future anticipate and the measurement of the time, and was considered by the town able to handle to the life and destiny of each of them. From their then origins, the tarot and the future closely is related, being this one considered an old divinatory art.

From the engravings of the book of Thoth it derives the creation of the arcane majors that in fusion with arcane minors identify to the daily life. Tarot is as it is denominated to the letter set that locks up in the symbolic images of the arcane ones to the hermetic and esoteric knowledge of old spiritual teachers. Tarot and future are then, that one formula that is used for centuries in diverse cultures like prediction method. That the Tarot is a divinatory method, implies a contact with divinities. The tarotista is an intermediary between these and who consults, reason for which deep, suitable information is required with respect to the symbolism, the colors, the positions and the characteristics of letters. As well as it sends to special importance counting on an ample exercise of meditation that helps to reach a spiritual ascent and the self-knowledge to reach a fit interpretation. It could be said that the main element of prediction of this oracle is the inspiration, quality that will facilitate the revelation of mysteries of the unconscious one, since it always reveals hidden it and it offers to the consulting one to find precise the problem and, in this way, offers wise people advice so that the solution can be.

The tarot and the future forms an alliance inseparable, able to respond to the human curiosity, with respect to referring subjects to the material, physical world and to the spiritual. It is a fundamental element for the analysis of the future and looks for to give answers to those doubts that afflict to us. Bound, tarot and future could throw light on the way to follow in the antiquity and is a method that still today has use.

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