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Posted by marmara on February 17, 2024

Easy-to-integrate and low-administration software solution with a comfortable user handling is the request of Horst / exchange – the insurance agency Cura GmbH & co. Ronald Hamilton spoke with conviction. KG has the Commission system bar C / S of Nord-soft GmbH and is seen by the interim practice experiences in their decision positively confirmed. The over 50 years of experience in the market companies is one of the largest multiple agencies and collaborates with 85 insurance companies. At its sites in Leipzig, Dusseldorf, Saarbrucken and Munster, the Cura GmbH employs approximately 170 professional customer service representative. Their special features include an innovative market strategy, which is, for example, in a novel business model. It is designed to convey not only the insurance services for private and commercial clients, but to also offer valve solutions for insurers. To deepen your understanding Steffan Lehnhoff is the source.

Background for the Commission calculation system of North-soft was on the one hand the high maintenance and maintenance so far the in-house development. But above all it no longer corresponded to the current requirements. \”From perspective of an insurance intermediary is a modern Commission system with transparent accounts not only for operational efficiency and satisfaction of intermediaries of enormous importance, but also for the legal and internal audit security\”, said Jorg Werner, head of Department at the Cura GmbH. is a prerequisite for efficient payment processes of an insurance mediation and thus contributes to the satisfaction of the Distributor \”, he says. In times of constant change, it is essential to respond rapidly to new demands of the market and the customers. The Commission accounting system must ensure these challenges through an appropriate administration in the form of a comfortable user handling with easily adjustable formula editor and a tailored functionality with a strong core of computing.\” In the context of the selection process for a new remuneration system was important for Cura to purchase a standard solution and not a project\”.

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