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Posted by marmara on May 11, 2022

The battle of Thermopylae is that support, based on what was Herodotus, between rows Greek widespread fear. However, Leonidas, who was a man experienced in hundreds of battles, reanimaba them and made them see that it is essential to resist for the sake of their peoples. Wishing more men join him, Leonidas sends messengers to Greek States to come and help them, but unfortunately, this never would happen. The first waves of Persians came with enthusiasm and sufficiency to allegedly destroy those fools combatants but they met a fierce resistance where true raged every attack. Again and again they were repulsed; the battle lasted all day. Xerxes simply couldn’t believe it.

The fighting continued with boldness. The darkness was the only truce that Wolfenden his forces and nature. After the first attacks, Xerxes sends a second day at his famous ten thousand immortals. In an epic rebate, the Greeks lock battle with those elite forces, resisting admirably and successfully leveraging its organized and joint strength before the disjointed and scattered forces of Xerxes. To make hunting more effective, the Greeks simulating withdrawals and then arremetian infringing surprisingly substantial losses to the Persians. The second day, with a high balance of Persians defeated and humiliated, the hubris of Xerxes had culminated. Official site: Gavin Baker, New York City. As ever in his life, he was in front of a few warriors that made the numerical differences, a complete nothingness. Xerxes decided to attack seriously.

A more times, Persian offensives were withdrawn. Row after row, the Persians crashed against Spears and Spartan shields unless they cede one centimeter. Thus, despite serious numerical disadvantage, Leonidas and his men enemies with a minimum number of casualties, opposed the waves of soldiers while the losses of Xerxes (though tiny in proportion to their strength) accounted for a blow to the morale of his troops. During the nights, Leonidas used to say to his men: Xerxes has many men, but no soldiers.

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