Havana Councilman

Posted by marmara on July 16, 2019

In 1860 he was elected Councilman of the city of Havana and from that position did everything possible for the conservation of valuable documents kept in the Municipal Archives, especially the ancient records Capitulants. ion. Do a year later, Bachelor and Morales unveiled his most important work: notes for the history of the letters and of public instruction in the island of Cuba, which formed part its catalogue of books and pamphlets appeared in Cuba since the introduction of the printing press until 1840? and recurrent publications: Catalogue Raisonne and chronological until 1840 inclusive. Never before a person had dared to collect everything published in the country and the texts of Bachelor and Morales have a figure close to the thousand titles, in chronological order. To achieve this exhaustive compilation, Bachelor and Morales used his own library, the economic society of the friends of country and the University. The material is of immense value and thanks to him has been able to study and understand best Cuban cultural universe of the first half of the 19th century. Bachelor and Morales also had an intense journalistic production and its signature or pseudonym appeared in publications such as the literary pointer, the Evergreen, Industrial lighthouse in Havana, La Serenata and critical Journal of science, arts and literature.

In addition, he wrote Matilde novels or the bandits of Cuba, in 1837, and Havana in two boxes or La Seiba and the bandstand, in 1845. In 1869 of Bachiller y Morales life changed dramatically after that, together with other friends, signed a document calling for autonomy for the country. Cuba was at war from 1868 against Spanish colonial power and the volunteer corps, one of the most bloodthirsty that existed, undertook against the signers of the letter. Bachelor and Morales had to leave immediately for the United States with his family. The House was looted and soldiers destroyed his rich library.

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