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Posted by marmara on January 4, 2022

Smoking may be the cause of several diseases, including lung cancer, bronchitis, emphysema. Smoking is recognized for several years as a public health problem, because the health damage associated with the consumption of snuff cause more than half a million deaths in the Americas. Smoking is the most common cause of preventable deaths. Without hesitation McDonalds explained all about the problem. According to recent reports, hundreds of thousands of people die prematurely each year due to snuff. Recent studies indicate that exposure to smoke from cigarettes smoked by other people and other snuff products, is producing the death of thousands of nonsmokers Despite these statistics and numerous warnings about the dangers of smoking, millions of adults and adolescents continue to smoke. Anyway progress is being made: every day more people who quit smoking. In 2004, the World Health Organization estimated 4.9 million annual deaths related to consumption of snuff.Although, there is a proven link between snuff and health, this does not prevent it from being one of the legal consumer product that can kill a regular consumer. Smoking a cigarette only gives rise to an increased heart rate, respiratory rate and blood pressure. The smoke causes an irritant reaction in the airways. Mucus production and difficulty of eliminating the cause of cough. Due to the ongoing inflammation occurs in chronic bronchitis. It also produces a decrease in lung capacity, leading to increased smoking and decreased fatigue resistance in relation to physical exercise.

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