House Again

Posted by marmara on September 22, 2020

Women over to hear these things closed him quickly the door, but the girls didn’t much care and remained with the House of to the side. The situation was repeated again and again and Francisca along with Andrea didn’t know what to do to support them. A day in which the girls were again in his work, approached them for a lot of her friends, who listened to every day things that spoke to their mothers. Girls esperanzaron it so much that they decided to meet at the home of any of them, but at the same time they did not know where. A woman who was passing by the place called glory, saw them and decided to help them see how much hope showed. He told them that she had no problem in providing your home, but they should do so quietly and orderly. The girls hear this thanked him and remained in that you gather the next day in the House of the Lady to the 09: 00 in the morning. They were already gathered girls group and planning is what you would do.

Not be them did nothing, until a small but great idea came to Francisca. It consisted of making large banners, carry them front of the Government Palace, which was two hours of travel, protest in front of him and waiting for solutions. They had no resources to gather a large amount of materials, but the Madam Gloria who was enthusiastic about what the girls wanted to do, bought them all they needed to be able to fulfil its objective since she was widowed and her husband had left her a little money after his death. They were taken four days to perform all the posters, but the only thing that was missing was the money to reach the Government Palace. And to be able to raise the money, suggested selling food to the men who passed nearby, either when they went or came from their jobs. At first the thing not seemed to work, but after three days later they had enough money to travel.

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