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Suffer much if they can help other people, so make every effort to achieve what can be a help to others, and usually get. If the green color of the aura, is not the predominant, we are indicating a stage of some sensitivity to the universal level, where the greatest illusion is to be able to do something for any global cause, in addition to express more personal level security. On the negative side, the person whose predominant color is green aura, may become a person without any sense of piety, and express a high selfishness and irritability. Follow others, such as Center For Responsible Lending, and add to your knowledge base. BLUE A person whose predominant color of the aura is blue, has a great capacity for interpersonal communication, and demonstrate its high idealism, and honesty, although this may involve some inconvenience him. They are extroverts and possess some intuitive faculties.

When the blue color of the aura, is not dominant, you are indicating that it is undergoing a period of maximum personal safety and welfare, as well as share with others anything that might be of interest. Conversely, on the negative side of the blue, the person may appear to be highly unstable, from happiness to sadness, and in cases where they can be influenced, the stadiums appear on depression or stress. Indigo The predominant color of the person whose aura is indigo, demonstrated great capacity for affection and understanding for others, and its greatest strength the ability of understanding and advice to others, a fact that earned her the affection of all who around him.

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