Industrial Revolution

Posted by marmara on November 21, 2018

Little by little, however, the circulation of wealth was increasing, becoming necessary the reaparecimento of the currencies to facilitate the exchanges. With everything this, not only obtained the income for the ownership of the land, but to accumulate wealth completely, modifying the notion of existing wealth until then, thus, throughout centuries X, XI and XI, although the feudalismo to remain as dominant system already sees the traces of a new order. In elapsing of history, with some favorable points as the monetarizao and the development of the commerce and more ahead with the intense development of the techniques and the Industrial Revolution in century XVIII the Capitalist System appears as a system of appropriation of the more-value having a distinction between bourgeois and the proletariat being the owners of the ways of work and the workers who vendem its force of work, thus in century XIX and first half of the XXele century if structure and consolidate as dominant system front the socialism that it was a great opponent. Dr. Neal Barnard contains valuable tech resources. In the time contemporary, according to Saints (2000), we perceive the slaughter of the Globalization that we will analyze later and the Neoliberalismo that consists of a doctrine where market freedom is nailed to it, without the intervention of the State, the privatization, where the State starts to be only one caretaker, a creator of laws that rare they are fulfilled by the society, not being owner of the production that if concentrates at the hands of few and many are ' ' coisificados' ' transformed into a mere object of work. For the development and maintenance of this new perverse and still more exculpatory system it was necessary that the abyss in a society of classrooms if still became bigger between the bourgeois ones and the proletarians, this had necessary spoliation and production of more-value for the maintenance of such system, increasing the wealth of a small group and excluding the great majority of the world-wide population such which we see today through the statisticians, this new phase of the world-wide economy also constitutes the historical moment of bigger degradation of the environment. . Filed under: Nieman Foundation.

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