Internal Communication

Posted by marmara on March 1, 2012

There is a form of internal communication that tells us when we act, when we speak when we have to discuss and even when we have to love. Play in a visceral way a repique interior gives us a guideline for action at a precise time, synchronized and accurate, so irrational, just following our impulses. You may be wondering with reason, I am referring to, I mean, there is a very accurate internal shape pointing when acting on impulse, with an accuracy in time and accuracy in the results that could asombranos, should not be aware of this wonderful tool that God has put in our body, soul and heart, and I invite you to integrate your life consciously. When you feel your body, from the inside it is time to act, and without thinking I moved toward a certain goal and you get the role in fractions of seconds or in extraordinary times, this act subject to these chimes indoors, and getting results with virtually no Use reasoning logical. Did you ever happen to have a situation "x" on which you had to take a particular decision, your body talk, communicate with you and somehow made it known whether or not to act? Have you felt a hunch, a hunch, a "not that" it from the inside drives you to do something that is not understood very well, but the inner urge is stronger, more powerful and makes logical and rational thought, and act to Then I realized it was good to have let that inner drive led by and acted on immediately? To this I am describing in NLP call it "ecological audit" of bodily sensations using for a particular decision, this is carried out or not.

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