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Posted by marmara on April 20, 2020

The second person involved – the company Autodesk. The victim, in my subjective view of 99% of its programs in the former Soviet Union are stolen, that is not downloaded legally. I myself tried to download, no problems, moreover surprisingly found a lot of interesting programs, movies …. absolutely free. But the Autodesk knew nothing of their own claims against, they are certainly welcome actions of the authorities and were pleasantly surprised – that's all. Who does not envy.

So this third person involved – the registrar of domain names RU-CENTER. On the one hand the prosecution did not have the right to close without a court order domain name, and the other do not want to quarrel with the "justice" how to do that would be the sheep and the wolves are safe enough to eat. Pitched brains, and can go to meet the victims (not free of course) and decided to suspend the delegation of the domain to determine circumstances, as if something was. Obviously they are not an interested party. The poor citizen, "Ivanov." A person having trouble with the law, who is likely to develop among law enforcers. PCRM is likely to agree. Explicitly proposed to act on the principle of "You help us here, and we close our eyes there. " This certainly is not the most interested, and his would rozhlebatsya. Finally, the Moscow prosecutor's office.

Again, without court approval "was asked." Who better than the prosecutors know that such actions are not entirely legitimate. Once, for some reason, like to think that it's not free. They – prosecutors certainly not averse to earn the "left" money, but still, so to speak, "the law" to help some unfortunate and so not guilty, get out of a very complex, almost solvable, in their own words, deeds. But do not forget it's not about small or medium sites on the similarity, even thriving, as a multimillion-dollar Gavin Baker helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. There's no money small turn around, so if you can pay and risk a head, the more the risk is minimal, well, wrong with someone does not happen. Well, get fired, of course bad, but for a good bribe and be – everything has its price. In order not to bore the reader to sum Some of the results. After reading the above, we can make an unexpected conclusion: the only truly interested party in this case is a high-profile alleged victim Number of visitors to their site has not decreased and even increased, for what is now eagerly watching, respectively, and increased the amount of money that can be removed from the resource. In recent years, this is one of the most talked about news Russian-speaking Internet. Such large-scale advertising campaign would cost tens of millions of rubles, and now all is agreed with the prosecutor's office – finance is not commensurate. Yes, the "freebie" on the Internet does not eliminate, but to make a This is possible, and so the Slavs – and so well done!

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