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Posted by marmara on June 27, 2023

It is a good thing is to repent, but best thing yet exposed to it. Danish Proverb very difficult to go unnoticed in this in the XXI century representing knowledge management, especially when we encounter a new technology that has changed the dynamics of communications, making it more proactive and tailored to the advancement of Globalization As with everything related to the technologies of information that can have tools that support knowledge management in enterprises, assisting in the collection, transfer, security and systematic management of information, along with systems designed for help make the best use of that knowledge.

In detail, says Wikipedia, refers to the tools and techniques designed to preserve the availability of information held by key individuals and to facilitate decision making and reduce risk. Software is a market and an area in the practice of consultancy relating to disciplines such as competitive intelligence. A particular area of knowledge management is that knowledge can not be easily encoded in digital form, such as dominant individuals intuition that comes with years of experience and to recognize the various patterns of behavior that someone with less experience can not recognize. Wikipedia says in its contributions, the process of Knowledge Management, also known in its early stages of development as “corporate learning” or “organizational learning” has mainly the following objectives: To identify, collect and organize existing knowledge. Facilitate the creation of new knowledge. Underpin innovation through reuse and support the ability of people through organizations to achieve better performance in the company. .

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