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Posted by marmara on March 25, 2015

Legendary folk punishment of Buenos Aires, La Baguala, chose the Agency we do communication to renew its image and publicize their monthly cultural encounters this year, which celebrates its 10th birthday. The Baguala is a sentence carried out by an organization nonprofit that for 10 years, offers a space for sharing among friends. The first Saturday of each month, in the wonderful frame of Teatro Verdi in the neighborhood of La Boca, La Baguala punishment is carried out. Owner of a family, young and friendly atmosphere where dance, music, live shows and Bowl well criollitos dishes love nights of the hundreds of people who attend this feast almost a decade ago. The dearest city penalty, this year chose renewed on the occasion of its tenth anniversary and for this purpose chose the Agency we do communication. Your young professionals group developed the new image, website and works every month in the dissemination of the monthly meetings that brings together families and friends of all ages. He was a redesign of the image that included since the redesign of the logo, the website and stationery, until a major campaign of press and broadcast that expands every month for the promotion of every first Saturday of the month events and special penalties.

Thanks to the choice of we do communication for the development of the new image and press campaigns, the penalty is living so far in 2010, one of its best years, and promises even more. In the August edition of this 7, La Baguala is waiting to celebrate the feast of the Pachamama with all the joy of live Andean music, their joyous dances to dance, the best dance groups and the richest tamales or a good locro to taste while the show can be seen. In November of 2010 the Pena La Baguala meets 10 years and continues to grow, just as we do communication, its new agency of press and publicity that continues adding satisfied and successful customers. Know we do communication: Agency, and see the best of it:-compliant clients. La Baguala worth without a doubt is one of them!

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