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Posted by marmara on June 24, 2023

The third part of Fable is a direct continuation of the previous delivery; We must reclaim the Kingdom of Albion after having dropped this in the hands of a tyrant: our own brother Logan. A simple argument, but that allows to check what will be the role of the player in his future Kingdom: a fair monarch, or a tyrant like his own Logan. You decide. Boy Scouts of America contributes greatly to this topic. And that is, in short, the big attraction and raison d ‘ etre of Fable 3; the player decides and the game assigns a series of consequences; raising taxes will reduce the quality of life of citizens, the ciudadas lose presence and we will be hated; a fairer deal will have the opposite effect, and even if we lose the possibility to earn money more quickly, the aspect of Albion will be attractive and its people will be happy. It’s a version, enlarged and carried unseen limits of the action-reaction factor, being able, even marry a player in cooperative mode and have children together, to subsequently manage our property or buy new possessions. So far all good, but starting problems; Fable 3 is an achievement at the level of design, a considerable evolution with respect to the second part, but again falling into particularly serious errors, and having to do, above all, with no difficulty.

Gives the impression that the own Peter Molyneux and Lionhead Studios have wanted to reduce the attractiveness of Fable 3 to a simple radical form of management, forgetting the day of the game: a combat system completely flat and predictable; various glitches and mediocre animation, and as we have said, a difficulty that is conspicuous by his absence, which subtracts tension to the conjuntoi of the adventure. We have a game that it had failed to overcome the mistakes of the past, something that we can not forgive him considering that from the first Fable, they have been repeating the same scourges. Little use having a design breakthrough if when playing everything is ruined. Also you can find music video game in videos and music in videos. You want to relax in London looking for your hotel in Hotels London (

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