Luxury Villas In The Costa Blanca

Posted by marmara on April 23, 2015

Who could imagine that in this area there are located villas with guideline qualities and surrounded by picturesque natural stone walls. In an enclave inhabited by an international neighborhood and a few minutes from the picturesque coastal roads and always fascinating Mediterranean and its attractive bluish waters. Beautiful terraces framed the breathtaking views in the ancient landscapes of the old masters of painting, surrounded by pure and classical architecture. Who has not dreamed of having one of these fascinating Luxury Villas on the Costa Blanca, but clear on the scope of a few fortunate. Pity of these villas is that you can stroll through populations and see which kept them throughout the year as if they live within them but most are closed throughout the year. Do not think that it is a real shame? that more than one dream of only half of one of those houses and they are closed. Well I guess that more than one is conformaria with only being able to see them on the inside. Diving is another of the practices highlighted in the coastal zone.

Immersive experiences in areas such as the marine reserve of Cape San Antonio, are one of the most demanded activities by those who carry out tourism in Javea. This reserve has a unique topography, with a variety of species under protection by the European Council. An eco-tourism of viewpoints circuit, provide a 360 view of the natural diversity of the area: Los Molinos, Cape San Antonio, Punta del Castell, drought of la Noria, Cala Blanca, Portixol Cruz, the lighthouse, Punta del Cap Negre, Cabo de la Nao, Les Pesqueres, point d Ambolo and La Granadella. Each of them have been located and strategically distributed along all Javea. After the perspective offered by the viewpoints, it is advisable to visit the port area. Built in 1871 for the exportation of raisin, the port has been modernized in recent years. It currently has fishing port and sports, as well as a Yacht Club located in the same place. A few steps away we find the Marina district, where is inevitable to stop to taste the typical dishes of the place in restaurants with outdoor terraces. Original author and source of the article.

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