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Posted by marmara on September 26, 2019

Are frequencies of vibration, when we say: do, re, mi, fa sun, if it is a scale that is in different octaves, the place where his voice, high, medium or low frequencies to broadcast not only to vibrate out, but to our human body, where tissue to repair ruptures and tears of some need a lot of hertz higher than the frequency of 50, bones fracturadosa not repaired by plaster or plaster, which he only fixed assets, because they are repaired bone cell has the ability to weld and reproduce itself, creating a membrane called the periosteum becomes inflamed, causing pain when you’re in the process of regeneration, a but if we do not give an anti-inflammatory painkiller that interrupts this a restoration process, the pain disappears and restores the tissue. The same applies to other tissues of your body such as tendons and muscles. What I like about all this I’ve read, is a scientific study that makes a call Paula Peterson about animals like the cat.

The cat makes a purring sound, that sound is not by choice, unless the animal is suffering from cancer on their feet, which falls from heights and keep walking without a limp and often do little because their soundman repair their cells and is also able to detect where your love is in pain, massaging his front paws also establishing this unique way of purring. Well, to tell me the task of carrying out this plan I do three times a day, repetitions, we must first align the chakras as Dr. Chopra suggests, see its colors and repeating mantras, lam, ram, yam, vam, jam, om, and after that continue with medium and fine low-frequency or high, without screaming sounds calm, and focused on, always choose those that end in m, but change the vowels, I sometimes like wtf words or sounds like bells, din, dan, dun or others. You can choose to be healing, positive, enjoy it, the pain relief within a few days after comenzadoa is incredible, healing many people who do it with faith is present, healing processes that occur not only by the technique used alternative, but the faith that the person puts into ello.a Whether there are people who have read this, I know, because they read much, but the issue lies not in reading and have the knowledge, but to implement learning that the book brings. On August 26, 2006 I fell in Madrid, broke my left, I put plaster or plasterboard, I decided to remove it because I weighed the leg and hip hurt, then I carried out this plan for a week immersing the foot in warm water with vinegar, accompanied by my cat sweetie, who gave me therapy, practicing my repetitions, the fracture healed very quickly, leaving no trace of pain in my foot. The continued practice of TM, Meditation Trscendental, they recommend, I do not have anything to lose and much to gain, to peace, health and welfare relief. French teacher, journalist, poet and composer, was born in Havana Cuba, woman deeply charismatic autodidact who has taught self-help talks since 1998.

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