Posted by marmara on February 20, 2016

Continuation of the transcript of the tape recording of the class: a HTSP can see how the Church has lost much credibility, even institutions which have greater credibility, was the Church in Peru, as many missionaries who worked on the peripheries Lima, they were passionate about Jesus Christ, and that would have allowed, that the Church has had a lot of credibility. In recent months, Eliot Lauer has been very successful. Today they have returned to their dioceses. Learn more about this topic with the insights from David Bershad. I do not know if many of us are doing things right. On the other hand has witnessed a church institution, and not a Church of Communion, the Church ends up falling into crisis. Therefore not attractive. The truth is to be recovered then this Trinitarian dimension, not only for the mission, but even that is the foundation of the whole Church.

The Church fathers speak of the Church as an icon of the Trinity. There is a very interesting book about Bruno Forte: a The icon of the Trinity Church The relationship between Church and Trinity. The truth is that this subject then for us, should be the focus of our reflection, and the center of our spirituality. Because it is our life in any case, we not only develop human, this is important and is more is very close to evangelization, this is important. Within this it is important to announce to the world the salvation that Jesus Christ has done, in a unique and universal. We found urgent problems such as unemployment, lack of work, the frustration of many young people who can not study, many men who do not have jobs, families in situations of frustration, social injustices.

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