Mobile Permeationsprufstand According To IFA According To EN 374 And EN ISO 6530

Posted by marmara on April 1, 2019

Permeationsmesszelle according to EN 374 and EN ISO 6530 PERMOBIL is a mobile Permeationsprufstand according to IFA (Institute for occupational safety and health of the DGUV) according to EN 374 and EN ISO 6530 which 2010 is distributed by the company of LABC laboratory technology, Hennef (, from the 1.Quartal. Hazardous substances make their way into the human body not only through the mouth or nose, but also through the skin, the body’s largest and also most exposed organ. Nature has intended for the body with the skin a protective, complex and extremely powerful system. It protects against chemical, physical and biological attacks on the body’s interior. In high-tech and advanced industrial countries the skin will be charged but increasingly in a mass, which exceeds their performance. For protection against chemical agents at work, protective clothing is a personal protective equipment which is intended to protect against damaging influences at work the body, the arms and the legs. The chemical penetration (Permeation) is the transport of individual molecules through protective clothing materials.

The transport is not through microscopic holes instead (penetration), but due to chemical/physical effects between E.g. protective Glove materials and the chemicals. Determination of breakthrough times and rates of diffusion the most essential basis for the assessment of the risk potential is in chemistry tests of protective clothing material. The European standard EN 374 regulates the tests for chemical testing of protective gloves, which can be based also apply accordingly for the testing of protective clothing. The en 374 describes the determination of the resistance of a material of hand protection against permeation by a solid or liquid chemical by chemical breakthrough time is measured by the material. In the PERMOBIL is measured in a temperature-controlled Permeationsmesszelle according to EN 374 and EN ISO 6530.

The specimen is clamped in the measuring cell and loaded on the front with the test substance. The Measuring room is flushed with purified air on the back, where a part will flow to the concentration measurement in a PID handheld measuring instrument (E.g., Sirius of MSA Auer GmbH). The recording of the detector signal provides the Permeationskurve of the studied material chemicals pair and allows the determination of the permeation rate. Compact and mobile construction was carried out on the basis of development of IFA: out of the work of the IFA, no. 0304 (download under: ifa). The mobile Permeationsprufstand PERMOBIL is designed for testing of protective glove or chemical protective clothing materials on permeability to chemicals.

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