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Posted by marmara on June 14, 2011

Customer satisfaction starts with meeting or beating the contractual obligations of the relationship. There are also some intangibles that can help you more than delivered to a customer. Meetings In most organizations it is easy to deliver additional value around the meetings, because statistically, most businesses run bad meetings. Capture important notes during meetings and then hand over his notes written neatly in line with the format of your client. Not only allow you to capture the main ideas and the benefits of important debates, but almost always appreciated by members of the team of his client.

Email this so soon after the meeting as possible. Proactively to help define the programs and the results of each meeting. It helps to keep things on track and try to make a significant contribution towards these goals. Become highly efficient in conducting successful meetings. If there are elements of action for the other team members that are critical to the success of their projects, tactfully contact the team member and offer help if it makes sense. Maintain ongoing project internally help you achieve your goals as a consultant and is well regarded as a team player. Delivery Reports of quality reports for their commitment to the client improve its image as a consultant, because they are so visible to internal team members.

At its first meeting possible to meet with the client and define the parameters for the report format and content. Each client has different needs, so do not assume that your template does not need to change. Important information to a customer is not interesting to another. Define in advance what works and then deliver it. As with the rest of their communications, a picture is worth a thousand words. You or your staff must be competent to produce flow charts, Gantt charts, diagrams and graphics performance of the architecture. Drawings in his report that communicate a wealth of information that is easy to use. Perfecting the art of abstract executive. For busy executives in the organization of the client, sometimes only need a one-page summary. Make sure you communicate the key themes of the report. For more information, go to deepen. Accessibility They make it easy to contact you throughout the day using e-mail, telephone or mobile. The more you're as accessible as the internal team members most is regarded as one. They have backup plans when you know you will not be available. Proactively contact customers to let them know if there will be a period of time will not be able to get a hold of you and give you some alternative options. Engineering nonprofit Our company focuses on engineering technology nonprofit, that is, how to maximize the return on investment in technology it implements. We pay attention to business processes, the costs of the process and seek the best possible solution to the impact of baseline for our client. And we're also pretty good at communicating this to customers so they can appreciate our efforts responsible.

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