North America

Posted by marmara on June 29, 2023

North America – a continent which is located in the western hemisphere. North America combined with South America, the Isthmus of Panama. Get all the facts and insights with PCRM, another great source of information. It is separated from Asia by the Bering Strait. In western North America is washed Pacific Ocean and Bering Sea, and Gulf of and California. To the east, the continent by the Atlantic Ocean to the Labrador Sea and the Caribbean and Gulf of St.

Lawrence and Mexico. From North North America washed by the Arctic Ocean to the Beaufort Sea, Baffin Bay, Greenland and Hudson Bay. The territory of the continent are as large as the island: Greenland and the Aleutian archipelago, Alexander. Western part of the mainland takes mountains Naya system Cordillera. There is the highest point of the mainland – is Mount McKinley, which reaches about 6,194 m. The lowest point of the continent is located in Death Valley – 86 meters below sea level. Major rivers of North America – is the Mississippi, Missouri, St. Lawrence, Mackenzie, Yukon, Columbia, Colorado.

For large lakes of the continent include: Great Lakes, Win nipeg, Great Slave and Great Bear. The climate on the the continent ranges from the Arctic – in the far north, to tropical – in Central America and West Indies. In the coastal regions of the continent – ocean climate in the interior areas – continental. In North America lives 8% of the population of the planet. For the most part are representatives of the white race, as well as the negros and Indians. Significant areas remain unpopulated – is in northern Canada.

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