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Posted by marmara on October 16, 2018

The Knowledge of the Academics of Nursing on Hemoterapia and Segurana present TransfusionalRESUMOOs risks in the hemoderivados transfusion of blood and can be consequent of inadequate procedures due to lack of knowledge of the responsible professionals for the transfusion. The present study it has as study object the knowledge of the academics of Nursing on the cares of nursing in the hemoterapia and transfusional security. One is about a descriptive research with quantitative boarding, having as method the case study. The present study West of Rio De Janeiro was carried through in a particular institution of situated superior education in the Zone, where the citizens of the study had been academics of nursing of 8 period. The instrument of collection of data was an interview half-structuralized with closed questions. The participants duly had been informed of the objectives and conditions of the research and had signed the term of free and clarified assent. The results had pointed that the academics have more knowledge of what must be made ahead of a reaction transfusional suspicion in relation to the component that is being transfundido of what which are the cares transfusionais daily pay and intra.

The evaluation of the knowledge evidenced a great necessity of bigger boarding of the subject in the graduation. Word-keys: Hemoterapia; Nursing; Transfusional security. INTRODUCTION Although the advance of the technology in the medicine not yet was discovered no component that substitutes the human blood. The blood transfusion has been very important as support in the accomplishment of many treatments, as the transplants, chemotherapy and diverse surgeries. Therefore the necessity of the voluntary donation of blood, that many times is great the number of volunteers, but the selection for the donation is so rigorous for a writ of prevention, that few are considered apt for the donation. The nursing conquered a significant space in the hemoterapia, developing diverse activities related with the blood giver and giving well-taken care of to the patient during the period daily pay, intra after transfusional.

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