Posted by marmara on May 27, 2019

The commitment of senior executives is crucial for the success of change processes. They do not stand behind the objectives of the change process lacks the power of change. Successful change processes need the persuasiveness of the top levels of management the power of a change process and its success directly linked to the attitude of executives. Without a perceptible and compelling commitment of senior executives, process the change lacks credibility. When planning the change, architecture is to take this into account from the outset.

Clear signals that the changes be taken seriously and desired need employees and subordinate management levels. Illustrate the will to change any change process needs therefore first a clear vision and strategic targets of the top executives. The work with the top leadership is an important first step for a powerful change process. It is the commitment of the top Levels of management for the process to work out significantly. At the beginning of a process of change, the organization is at a critical stage. Often, the management has recognized that changes if not even mandatory are necessary, to meet the challenges ahead.

This realisation has arrived at this time usually not at the employees. The signal of the need for change in the Organization releases a shock initially most organization members. Changes always also lead to uncertainty. Wonder what role it will play in the future in a modified structure, a new crop of job or changes in strategic direction dealing with the members of the organization. Uncertainty and fear of the unknown are driving social dynamics within the organization that is affected by change in this phase. The fear of the unpredictable has a great power and has shown a strong inertia, sometimes even in open opposition to the process of change. A great importance at this sensitive stage managers. They stand for the relevance and credibility of the change process, provide support and guidance in the best case in uncertain times.

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