Original Fears

Posted by marmara on November 29, 2018

Any process of change brings with it a molt, we must move from internal to that place We are accustomed, if we really want change, we can no longer be the same. Exit, move from the current situation towards a desired place imposes minimum detachment of some repetitive Act. In some area (emotion, thought, action), we must note that our willingness to prevents our stereotyped response, and is this scene where the possibility of change is evident. We leave than usual and move forward into the unknown, and in this environment, this threshold, fear cobra all its forces, long for the old skin and the new is still fragile, we feel unprotected, and desired begins to exhibit a menacing face. We know that the old, what bothered us therefore time, he is undoubtedly best known.

We know even the degree of damage that can make us, we know even that can make us dying, but you always leave a whisper of life in us. We got used to breathe so poorly, so harsh with our thoughts and actions that we ended up naturalising wrong, harmful to our being and the environment. It is of This way the known opera in the form of resistance. Across the imaginary bridge stands hope, what is desired, that at first sight often suggest mistrust and lack of protection, but in reality is fear who creates us these fantasies and feelings. Fantasies that act like ropes that sustain us in the same port, preventing the boat we inhabit to move towards places of ventura and fullness. Styling us positive thoughts, create an attitude of willingness and good humor, inaugurating what we want, is fully possible. Freezing fears, that prevent us from moving towards what we need and we believe are creatures that we feed. Let us be more real with ourselves and fears will be diluted with every step that we take towards our inner freedom.

In synthesis there are fears that us freeze and fears that take care of us, we must learn to discriminate them. Sometimes fear minimizes our vision, does not allow to see the door that leads us towards our fullness and truth. To get to what’s new, to find it, have that strive to abandon the old, can not be distressed and laugh at the same time, if I decide to take the step towards the enthusiasm I must leave behind the dulling of negative thinking. Fears that us harm are fed on our negative thoughts, if we no longer produce them, they disappear. Fears are extremely contagious, we put a limit to our fears, and we are attentive not impregnate us fears that do not belong to us, and are elaborated in our environment. Assume that you have fear is a big step toward change. Assume is not allowing the situation us freeze and exceed, but is assuming the preamble that allows us to change, modify and expand our vision. This movement will lead us to the meeting of another new reality. Fear and slavery are synonymous.How much more I am slave of my negative attitudes, more powerful are my fears. Fear and freedom are antonyms. How much freer I am exercising and deciding from a positive attitude in all my scenes, most pathetic and insignificant and weak are my fears. When more real I am, more free are my ways.

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