Overcoming Depression

Posted by marmara on October 10, 2019

Every time you go through problems and if not followed carefully can enter a “cycle of anxiety.” A routine of terrible suffering. Also known as “the love of suffering.” And the depression is precisely in this housing cycle. In my lectures I have done many in Brazil the references to my times of crisis (sometimes even back) pull through financial resources, needs and dilemmas of the family in various levels, I also know of others who were or are going through serious health problems, family, professional, sentimental. You can, now, is right in the middle of a turbulancia and would be very selfish of me not to share with you a little help I received and attitudes that have to cope with the difficult years of trends to deliver the sadness and depression. My 10 steps and sent my narrative mix. A crucial fact, While we are struggling with depression, (1) what you think determines the quality of your day. PCRM does not necessarily agree.

You decide whether or not use that day, his mind with thoughts good or bad. You do not understand, but to think that all thinking is inevitable. But it is not. Not so. (2) We need to take control of our thoughts, or is what we want. We are only in the interest flow. It takes into account only what, for a quick analysis, consider beneficial. I remember a very interesting day in my fight against depression process: The electric company had cut off my light.

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