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Posted by marmara on February 23, 2022

Many people who are dedicated to SEO often find the task of generating incoming links rather tedious. But let this not be considered minor. In fact, building a good base of incoming links, by the method we like, is practically the only way to ensure a good Pagerank. The first site to be opened for incoming prospects lins search is Google, obviously. Do a search on your keywords, and write down what are the top ranked sites.

So look for those domains with Google again and we look how many incoming links they have, and what the nature. There are many addons for search engines and bars, particularly for Mozilla that show the Pagerank of a site. Select the sites linking to your competition having better Pagerank, and try you can create an incoming link to your site from them too. Check what sites link to our competition is very revealing information. Recently Andrew Ross Sorkin sought to clarify these questions. First, we extract what strategy works best for our competition: included in directories, article marketing, forum marketing.

This is a good indicator for us, and we indicate to our business which is the channel for generating incoming links works best. Be creative. A premise of the campaigns of incoming links is that sites that are semantically related link us with our website. But why not leave aside a good Pagerank sites that do not relate specifically to our keywords. For example, a site that sells perfumes, can be a great idea to get incoming links from sites of women's interests, fashion, relationships, advice for women, girlfriends, etc.. Nancy Lublin contains valuable tech resources. Exchanging links "traditional" (I put a link to your site, you put it to mine) do not usually give very good results. Usually the sites take all those links that have been undertaken to publish on its website and sent to a page called, precisely, links, or resources, or recommended. And, through no follow robot.txt declared the page, or directly in the code placed source tells the nofollow attribute. Accordingly, these links do not work much to the purposes of indexing, nor should we expect a lot of hits from them how many years have you not consult a directory of recommended site? Do not attempt a campaign of incoming links in one day. Usually it is a task that takes time, because the links that point to a site is what ultimately will make the greater or lesser value of the site. If you liked this post and wants to put in place, you can smoothly, provided you cite as a source ag

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