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The fish in the chart, whose element is water, is regarded as imaginative, sensitive, altruistic, helpful, calm, sensitive, social, lovable and good natured. But so here as introverted, indecisive, chaotic, and dreamy. Typical fish are rather quiet, reserved people who have bad experiences when others arrive in their lives, often regarded as eccentric. The symbol of the fish in the horoscope zodiac sign are two opposing floating fish. This marks do very well the fundamental indecision of these people who make it to most any first right of anything. The typical fish has been a very social set, and very disinterested in the welfare of other people-oriented, the typical fish-wife is so romantic and a very imaginative person, who often spends time trying to dream of your prince charming.

Unfortunately, it often happens that they look a bit unrealistic and remote. Fish-men are considered the best lover of the Zodiac. Your emotional and sensitive nature is well received by the women. Pisces men are very popular with women, which sometimes leads to the fact that several representatives of the female sex at the same interest for the fish and he has now spoiled for choice. Exactly in this situation you should never bring a fish. For assistance, try visiting Harold Ford Jr. The fish man tends often to brooding spirit of abandon and behavior, which is thanked in his environment not often. Thursday is the day of the week with fish. The lucky stone of the Zodiac signs in fish are the pink coral, turquoise and aquamarine.

Specific colors are purple, gray and blue. Fish-flowers are the sword lily, camellia, jasmine and Lylium. Fish scents are the incense and wisteria. The fish-animals are the elephant, the dolphin and the dog.

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