Plastic Surgery For Men

Posted by marmara on November 25, 2013

The plastic surgery has enjoyed years of a great feed. More and more people put themselves under the knife to alter their appearance. Especially in the U.S. cosmetic surgery have been popular for many years, and now seems that this trend will spread in Europe. The number of interventions carried out in Germany, takes exponentially for years.

Is especially surprising that basket is now becoming more and more men under the surgeon's knife. Previously, it was primarily or almost exclusively women who have undergone such surgery. But this shyness of men seem to be slowly falling away, and putting more and more of them these days of plastic surgery. There are exactly four different procedures to be high among the men on the list. As would be the one's nose correction.

This is one of the most frequently performed cosmetic surgery. Who is not satisfied with his nose, you can leave these ummodellieren accordingly by the plastic surgeons. The Nose Jobfollowed by the hair. Hair loss is a problem among the 90 percent of all men suffer from – and with a hair transplant can counter the loss of hair. Because very few men choose to wear a bald head or a hairpiece. Furthermore, it is also more and more men drain fat. Less on the legs, but mostly on the belly. In a liposuction to remove excess body fat on the abdomen and reduced to a minimum. This procedure is certainly not the most pleasant, but she replaces years of sports training. Finally there are the jaw surgery. This subject is now only mostly American men. In this surgery the jaw or chin is redesigned. Because men are a strong, broad chin as successful. From this decision, more and more lawyers, brokers and managers to undergo such an operation – in the hope to become even more successful.

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