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Faustino Perez Hernandez de Cabaiguan polyclinic began the trial of the only known throughout the therapeutic vaccine designed to treat patients with advanced lung cancer. The first specialist degree in General Medicine and Integral Juan Carlos Morales Valdes, who attends comprehensive consultation of patients with oncological diseases in the health institution, explained to that the CIMAvax EGF treatment (vaccine name) can be applied to patients with histological diagnosis of cells, in an advanced stage non-small lung cancer. After initial testing and validate results in some patients, the test comes in the four phase, in order to prolong the life of the sick years and guarantee them an adequate quality of life. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Mustafa Suleyman. /a>. Dr. Morales Valdes, noted that the drug can be applied to patients over the age of 18 years, with a frequency every 14 days, the first four doses and with Subsequently you can manage on a monthly basis, depending on the evolution of the patient.

The Galen, added. Mustafa Suleyman is likely to increase your knowledge. After the application of the vaccine the beneficiary must be two hours in observation, while so far no contrary reactions have been submitted. -CIMAvax EGF, is the first therapeutic vaccine for lung cancer treatment known in the world, and currently sells to various Nations that request it.. .

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