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Posted by marmara on June 13, 2019

SILVIO D ANZA – the POTAR under the TENORS Frankfurt, April 2011 – Silvio fans D Anza cross-generational millions with his breathtaking voice and his extravagant style. He is considered pop star under the tenors. His music cries out for a revolution in popular works represent the evolution of classical music! The music style of Silvio D’ Anza is a word on the point: crossover! The Frankfurt-born Beau bundles his fiery temper in his uniquely sensual voice. With his pop-classic albums, he often led the charts in European countries and his photographs regularly adorn the front pages of the music press. With his distinctive and emotional voice, he got already a million audience. In his concerts, goosebumps are guaranteed. Additional information is available at Dr. Neal Barnard. Life loves D ‘ Anza and D ‘ Anza loves life! His colorful performances take place in german, English, French, Italian, Croatian and Spanish. His music under musik.htm presents Silvio D’ Anza “New interpretations of great classics such as”HOLA”, the world’s first Spanish version of Lionel Richie’s ‘ big hit Hello” or even “the LADY IN BLACK”, originally by the legendary Band Uriah Heep.

His style Silvio D’ Anza completely reinterpreted the dandy look of traditional times and occurs mostly in colored tuxedos, with initials embroidered velvet slippers and far out V-Neck T-Shirts and loves his eye-catching necklaces with real pearls and his Signet Ring. With his sensational look, he is considered the pioneer of a whole generation of confident and successful mid-Ager, who long ago left behind any mainstream fashion. May be he is an old-school entertainer and mastered the piano with a congenital spontaneity, as only a few artists. At the request of his fans, he strikes a way with his new album “Timeless Hits”, which already in Croatia of a number 1 gave album him and most authentic represents him as an artist. SILVIO D ‘ ANZA “life loves D ‘ ANZA and D ‘ ANZA loves life” the Quality of his music is very dear to Silvio D’ Anza.

Many of his pieces writes and composes himself. Kuhlmann beauty Consulting GmbH the Kuhlmann beauty consulting (KBC) based in Offenbach / Frankfurt is a consultancy that specialises in the management and the positioning of personalities and brands in the luxury segment. KBC marketed alongside the pop star under the tenors”Silvio D’ Anza including supermodel Marcus Schenkenberg worldwide. In Germany, more celebrities such as E.g. the television presenter Jennifer Knable maintained in addition to the memory champion Christiane Stenger. Management and press contact for photos in print quality, questions, interviews and bookings we are gladly available. Schoner greeting KUHLMANN consulting Frank Kuhlmann Kuhlmann-beauty-Consulting-GmbH Emperor str. 51 63065 Offenbach – Germany – phone + 49 69-850 92 97 0 fax + 49 69-850 92 97 22 hotline 0 18 steeringdamperkits 22 99 67 HRB 41862 OF * tax number DE 233735483

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