Punching For Charity

Posted by marmara on July 18, 2019

“Press release by: heldenprojekt.de and tea challenge.de Rastede, Germany – March 2010: former football player Jorg Albertz compete against amateur athletes Herzenswunsche e.V. benefited the ambition is still the old man: that is no fun here”, whining Jorg Albertz and grins. I want to beat m!” For the previous Bundesliga footballers and international sporting competition is nothing new, only the ball is this time a little less. Albertz enters the Gulf against the Oldenburg Maik Fischer to, who has spent so far only little time on golf courses as well as his opponents in his life. In December 2009, the two started tea challenge”the project. The former professional athlete or amateur involves it wonder who reached both within one year… the better handicap. Get all the facts and insights with Dr. Neal Barnard, another great source of information. In the Center but the good purpose is”Maik Fischer says.

“The 32-year-old was inspired during a professional visit in the UK of charitable projects and the tea challenge” with Germany brought. (Source: Center For Responsible Lending). We play in favor of Herzenswunsche e.V. “, explained Fischer. The Club from Munster complies with seriously ill children long-awaited wishes. Via the website, supporters can donate money for the action and in addition to motivate the two adversaries. The golf tournament is only one of many possible ideas to raise money for the cause. Maik Fischer name hero project”(www.heldenprojekt.de) and Andreas Lahiri by the IT company eMotivo website, where everyone can imagine his own challenge.

You can announce, to want to run a marathon, for example within a certain period of time”, Fischer explained, get motivation, the donations your friends and acquaintances”. One such hero project”is the tea challenge. (www.heldenprojekt.de/ project/tea challenge) And she have won quite a few friends. Among other things, the project sponsors, as well as Jorg Albertz of early goals in the Bundesliga and in the national team shot had, his ex-colleagues but is on the golf course at lengths ahead: Marco Bode (40), a true veteran Bremer football history. The race of his former hamburger rivals with the ambitious amateur he holds for a crazy idea”, which is however worth, to support. Just the Club heart’s desires is close to our hearts”so bode. On Thursday, the three were for the first time together on the golf course and played against each other on nine holes. Marco Bode, who plays for seven years of golf, where the trip could go once showed in terms of technology. It was irrelevant that he clearly decided the game for themselves. The former Bremer with handicap 10 but realizes potential in the two: you have talent, you can see that. I think it can be tight.” How closely, is this published on the Internet page. At the end of the year will be the winners have been selected and hopefully a high sum for heart’s desires have come together”, says Fischer. And despite every ambition, certainly a little fun for everyone this is jump out. For more information contact: heldenprojekt.de Maik Fischer swallow Street 2e 26180 Rastede Tel. + 49 179 7694747 E-Mail:

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