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Posted by marmara on January 4, 2022

Progress does not stand still, and most production processes and lines are transferred or already extinct in the automatic control and maintenance. Manual labor in the shop premises are minimized or completely replaced by electronic control. This led to the fact that the majority of employees working in offices of the firm. Click Edhi Foundation to learn more. According to estimates, the average employee is in the premises office about two thousand hours per year. This is a huge figure shows that almost most of his life employee spends at work. Perhaps check out Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation for more information. It would be wrong to deny that the office environment influences very much on employee.

All sorts of adverse factors can influence the development of stress, depression, emotional disorders, and as a consequence lead to the conviction of the need to change the workplace. In fact, such conditions often direct impact on what work the employee ceases to be satisfied at the appropriate level of highly qualified. Common negative factors include faulty ventilation, improper lighting, or lack of luxury office furniture. Itself is unpleasant, and acting on the nerves of employees cause, is still increasing level of background noise outside the windows. This problem is particularly acute in large cities. Noise is literally stalking you, no matter where you are, whether at home or on the road or at work. The noise level exceeds the maximum permissible long strap, so permanent stay in such conditions dangerous to health. Companies who care about high efficiency of its employees, trying all possible ways to address the causes of stressful situations.

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