Reduction Policy

Posted by marmara on May 5, 2015

This reduction policy, if you want to see it this way, is the separation between the insensitiveness of schizophrenia and the consent of paranoia to every word emanating from his interlocutor whatever the purpose that it has separate, because, between the absolute heterogeneity and homogeneity also absolute. But it need to understand here is that there are these two poles, except the pathological of one of the two lock on a permanent basis in all the speaking subjects in the phenomenon of verbal communication. The social space for the dialogue is a permanent it comes and goes between these two poles. Explains, at the same time, the fact that every language is subject to the two views political antagonists (the Conservatory and progressivism), trying to resolve the dialectics of the divergence and convergence, is in the sense of convergence, is in the sense of divergence. On the one hand, we reduce the temporal, spatial and social heterogeneity, speakers and scholars in the sense of uniformity, by imposing a language in which only some Express: here are the inhabitants of Paris (there is no better example of Paris already said Villon). And this reduction is made at the expense of all the disagreements internal, of any origin that are, and is so the Provencal or Britain, for example, are excluded as dialect. This is the conservative policy, if not reactionary (that this is right or left: think of Jules Ferry!), and as we join the variety of speakers and knowledge, we can say: that’s French!. This policy, of course, cannot ever reach perfect purity, since we have seen that express LAMOTTE Jean-Luc, anthropologist and Ensayistacatedratico of classical literature Institute, first he taught Linguistics at the Superior School of Beirut lyrics (University of Lyon), then professed for ten years in courses of two years of preparation to competitions for entry of the normal colleges (in Montpellier(, then in Versailles).

His career led him, on the other part, to put at the service of the diffusion of our language and our culture abroad (Middle-East, Marocco, United Kingdom). He also had the honour to collaborate in the work of the service of the publications of the Academie francaise. Since 1991, is dedicated to their searches in medical anthropology, undertaken within the framework of the activities of the school of Reno (University of Haute Bretagne). Disciple of Jean Gagnepain, published an introduction to the theory of mediation at the editions De Boeck (2001), and currently contributes to disseminate the thoughts of the owner.

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