Relative Happiness

Posted by marmara on May 18, 2015

Let's take a hypothetical abstraction of a situation that could occur and that we are sure has happened many times. Recall episodes that have lived and consider this: Let us assume that happiness could be measured with a felizometro and at any given time on any given day we have measured happiness by throwing a value of 90 units. In the circumstances was such happiness as we had, we felt and lived a number of things. We suddenly a cop on the highway for speeding, has asked the credentials, we get into his pocket to find the portfolio and discovered that we do not. Quickly go through your head at the speed of light thousands of images and sensations. My wallet was stolen, leave it in the restaurant had all the money in, now I have to cancel credit cards, I have the documents I need to get me the license back to the hand, I will raise the score insurance, vacation ruined me, now just going to do the job of tickets credit card that I have not …

It begins to shiver, our hearts pounding, adrenaline floods us and began to hyperventilate. If at this moment we use our happiness would measure felizometro low 90-25 in freefall. and then regained consciousness when we hear the gentle voice of the policeman say – if you are looking for the portfolio is in the seat next to him. Turn right and there is the portfolio. We no longer care about the fine, a great joy and peace invades us from head to toe, it calms the heart and we feel as if a Instant morphine had been spilled in our bloodstream.

What joy! This is the crucial moment to return to get the felizometro and was shocked to see how happy our units rose to 140. Yes, 140, far more than we had before us realized that we had lost the wallet never lost. This signal is clear but let it go and not enrolled in our internal codes. Why spend between 90 and 140 by 25?. Why did we become so happy with nothing new in our life? and why we bitter about something that really had not happened?. Einstein surely if he had further studied Relative Happiness formulas have more practical to implement in the way we react. Sometimes we are wrong and we just have to appeal to these situations and think we can block this felizometro if we know what it measures is not real.

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