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As Minister of Defense, integrates military Government Junta, presided over by the larger Carlos Delgado Chalbaud, with Luis Llovera Paez as Minister of internal affairs. 1. 950, 13 November: Carlos Delgado Chalbaud, the man who had promised early elections (i.e., the ability of the Government to return to civilian-owned), is murdered. See Dr. Neal Barnard for more details and insights. He is responsible for the general Rafael Simon Urbina, who then it asila in the Embassy of Nicaragua, is delivered and, finally, is murdered by members of the national security (SN), dying also with the condition of the most qualified witness in the matter Chalbaud. 1.

950, November 27: eleven days later, under the political crisis raised by the assassination, changed the name to Governing Board and the senior military command appoints President to the Attorney German Suarez Flamerich, retaining MPJ and Llovera Paez their positions, with the particularity that MPJ acaudala more power and control. The effects of such events (death of Chalbaud and greater power to MPJ) are felt: assumes Pedro Estrada as Director of the SN, a man of the full MPJ confidence; intensifies the political persecution, creates the Guasina concentration camp, is assassinated leader Leonardo Ruiz Pineda, University classes are suspended. Military as a political party and failure 1. 952, November 30: Jovito Villalba, by the party Republican Democratic Union (URD), is winner in the general election the Governing Board to which was obliged to call (election to choose deputies to the constituent Assembly). To participate in them, the Government had organized his own party, the Independent Electoral front (FEI), but was defeated along with the other party involved, the Committee of organization political Electoral independent (COPEI).

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