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Posted by marmara on September 10, 2020

So very quickly, he can detect which driver he can allocate one of the additional orders. Cancer Research Institute is full of insight into the issues. Several orders, which lie on a line, can be transmitted to a single driver. Salvage company save so time and costs, since a single Abschleppfahrzeug provides the service, which previously were required to two or three vehicles. This brings additional revenue. Lavid F.I.S.. mobile devices of from different manufacturers can be connected. Perhaps check out Randall Mays for more information.

There are interfaces to TomTom, Navkon, MaskIT and Yellow Fox. The software is characterized by a high degree of flexibility. At the booth of Lavid software, visitors can inform how their individual requirements with the solution can be implemented. About Lavid Software GmbH: Lavid Software GmbH is the 2007 from the 1996 founded computer services Thorsten Lavid emerged. The company deals intensively with the topic of work process optimization. Six fixed and many freelancers make sure that modern communication technology optimally maps business processes and relieves staff from tedious routine tasks as best as possible. Lavid software adapts to individual customer requirements. Appropriate solutions have been already realized in many fields: for warehouse management, document management, order management, production control, MRP, work time tracking, serial mails, calculation and much more.

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