Significance And Variations Of The Wedding Rings

Posted by marmara on June 19, 2019

Wedding rings are a symbol of solidarity and appreciation of between two people wedding rings, already in ancient Roman and Egyptian custom, were worn at the time exclusively by women. Since the 13th century, wedding rings Crown each marriage ritual as the highest symbol of love. Men and women prefer precious materials for their wedding rings to the expression of their solidarity and appreciation for each other and to the eternal reminder, common ways to go to share joy and sorrow. Once, wedding rings were worn on the left ring finger for romantic reasons due to its proximity to the heart. Today, engagement rings adorn the right ring finger left and wedding or engagement rings.

The name of the partner, as well as the date of the marriage are engraved on the inside of the rings. Often entwined shown on pictures, wedding rings are considered authentic sign of the inseparability. Variations of the wedding rings are valuable precious metals like white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, Platinum, and sometimes also silver individually or together to Used wedding rings. Select from a remarkable range of wedding rings many couples due to the practicality of the simple version without many frills. In wealthy circles or genteel bride and groom richly decorated wedding rings are high on their list. Jewelry stores offer a wide selection of wedding rings for every lifestyle. Extensible wedding rings, which are staffed on the day of the wedding with a diamond enjoy great popularity. Significant events such as the birth of a child or on special wedding days a diamond should be added to each Some couples make their wedding rings as unique pieces, unique as their love at the Goldsmith.

Prices for the price range wedding rings wedding rings is high. Simple wedding rings made of silver or with low gold content from 200,00 EUR show in the shop windows of jewelry stores. There are priced almost upward. A couple of Platinum rings with precious stones can cost about 10.000,00 EUR and more. In between, everything is possible. A pair of wedding rings made of gold, possibly with pebbles or fine engravings decorated, is available from 500,00 EUR up to 3,000 EUR and more. Beautiful wedding rings can be purchased within the framework of every financial opportunity. At the Goldsmith pays some extra for the confection, but enjoys the individuality of artistically crafted pieces of jewelry.

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