SIM Phone

Posted by marmara on January 6, 2022

There is a life-threatening situation when you just need to get some information! More recently, we did not dream about all kinds of portable equipment. But progress does not stand still! We used to delight in watching movies about spies, and admired the various devices they use, now that nobody will be surprised! The undisputed leading reason for divorces in recent years have become our favorite cell phones. For even more details, read what Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation says on the issue. Mobile phone memory – most reliable means to detect infidelity. Source: Abdul Sattar Edhi. The most cunning brought his phone with dual SIM card or two SIM cards – one for the spouse, the second – for the lover or mistress. Men are more naive: they record the PIN in organizer or wear a piece of paper with the number in the portfolio. They lack imagination.

Women, in my opinion, more skillfully handle mobile phones. A classic example: he came, and she with one click finds everything. Vacation, In fact, a very difficult time for many who try to live a double life: lovers and the betrothal can not tolerate long separations and claim at least one SMS a day. You run the risk that your companion will have to explain life, the message is' My love, bon voyage! I'll miss you '- just wish from your office colleagues, not words, secret lover or a lover, who will hold it all the time in quivering expectation your return. If you have a lover or a fan who strive not to lose contact with you for one day, while on holiday you expect frequent panic attacks. You should be prepared for excuses, explanations, improvisation, it is desirable convincing. Experts advise: turn off your mobile phone is useless or disconnect a call supposedly from a desire not to disturb the wife or husband, stationed at nearby umbrella. You will be in difficult situation, as only allow yourself a little nap.

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