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Posted by marmara on September 10, 2018

Water skiing is a sport that increasingly takes on more adherents around the world. This is because it is a sport which is quite attractive for people who like adventure and the risks that are increasingly in the whole world. It is also due to many of the practitioners of water skiing are also practitioners of skiing on snow and these take advantage of the summer season to devote himself to skiing in its mode of water skiing. However, when talking about water-ski not is this talking about one kind of skiing, since there are several types of water skiing. To enter the world of water skiing you’ll find several types of water skiing, that is, water skiing’s speed (strokes), waterskiing of pirouettes, water skiing on ski and water skiing of hops. All these types of skiing are very different and most have a different audience, as well as an is needed from a different computer to be able to practice them. Water skiing’s speed is a type of skiing over the water where compete in racing speed, but not in the conventional way in which are presented the speed races in other sports.

Indeed, in other sports speed races involve all participants come from a line-out at the same time and which comes first of all will be whoever wins the race. It is possible also in other sports that will compete to see who makes a journey in the shortest time. None of these two modalities are water skiing races. Rather than racing, this water skiing seems more like a competition of resistance at speed. So, as in waterskiing of racing the skier is dragged by a boat at high speeds while is clipped the cable which is suspended, this makes to increase the speed of the boat tour will be more difficult and will win who better perform in this respect during his tour with the boat. This modality of skiing aquatic is practiced on two skis are rather thin.

Water skiing stunts is the modality of skiing which consists of participants to do pirouettes while touring with the boat a particular stretch, in this form of water skiing ability is what most matter. Similar to the powers of gymnastics, where participants deliver a guide to judges of the movements to be carried out during his presentation, waterskiing of pirouettes becomes previously showing the judge a guide of the stunts to be performed for the assess the execution of these athlete makes. This modality of skiing is done on two tables like the previous one. We hope that the little that has been water skiing will be of interest and encourage you to practice this fascinating sport. The truth is that water skiing is a very interesting sport, however you must have in mind for the practice of this sport you must have a good physical condition, you must above all strengthen your knees, the lumbar area and back to avoid injury. Original author and source of the article

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