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In the case of Irene may be advised always to use a period favorable for finding a life partner and build personal relationships. Her business acumen and ability to establish contacts with business partners can use zhno and finding a life partner. Most suitable for Irina partner in life will be a man capable of support, contributing to its realization, and in any case not powerful type, even though these men are now and attract Irina. And that family life was most favorable, Irina is facing marriage to calculate the most favorable date of the wedding. Let's look at another case from the practice of feng shui.

Maxim, intelligent, educated and motivated young man somehow decided to organize a small but their job, namely to open the book department. The initial capital he had a place in the store with a good cross found, execute all necessary documents, purchase of goods, to advertise, but … It has been one month, second, fifth, and It is not brought not only the desired income, but losses appeared. Maxim decided instead to sell books and stationery postcard production. The matter has improved only slightly, and all also had barely getting even. Wife Maxima very upset by the failure of her husband.

Having heard about feng shui, she told Maxim apply to a master of feng shui, which he did not fail to do so. What a surprise it was Maximus, where instead of recommendations to improve business, he initially heard by the master board to change the profile of the case and do a completely different and independent business. Moreover, in the coming months, for the most favorable Maxima was training, not an organization of business. After hearing carefully all the advice and recommendations, Maxim of the proposed master of feng-shui professional areas chosen Art. He decided to initially acquire the necessary knowledge and skills, and for a time settled in the photo lab department. Then, at an opportune time to organize the affairs of Maxim is independent no take a photograph. As time passed, until Art Maxim brings not so big, but quite a decent income. In addition, Maxim with a large enthusiastically engaged in the business, making plans and gradually implement them. Maxim grateful to the master of feng shui, and periodically turns to him for advice. We must pay tribute to the very Maxim, because he not only listened to the recommendations of the master of feng shui, but also managed to make the right conclusions, and methodically, purposefully embodies our plans into reality. What a can out of this conclusion? As the Chinese say, luck is defined by birth. Should I knock on the head in the door when you know it you still closed? But if this door is not locked, it should try to at least open it up to go inside and find their fortune. Free consultations Specialists

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