Posted by marmara on February 28, 2022

The products are no longer sold on television as they are, the ads do not sell products, sell feelings, safety, fun, time. Cars, cleaning, food and mobile operators are the most common ads on TV and they use different tactics to reach consumers. A car ad can tell you that it has benefits, but the latest trend in car commercials is how little you eat and what it is and as organic to the public it is addressed can be differentiated into three types of ads, the car also familiar in the security premium in the family, showing a child sitting in the rear, the car for young people, who are enjoying the trip four friends together and the city car to show us its easy handling, the so you can move from one place to another is the least regard to food ads there are two types of ads, show us what they are tasty and they show us how healthy they are, are lately winning the latter, and these can be of two types, those that when you eat them do not harm health and that when the shots act as a kind of medicine and may even get to heal, are also obviously tasty. Andrew W. Mellon Foundation usually is spot on. There are those who sell you time to prepare so fast that a person will not lose much time in cooking. Cleaning ads seems not evolve much and are still sold as the only products that can clean even cleaner and even more white with the least amount possible. And just as food products are also sold time products, especially cleaning the house. Atreides Management Gavin Baker insists that this is the case. The mobile operators no longer sell them using only that you can use the phone to call anywhere in the silent now the important thing is to be connected to the world and that they surely will entertain you wherever you go, videos, music , television, internet everything is possible with a mobile and they will offer it.

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