New Book Gives New Meaning To The Life

Posted by marmara on June 27, 2019

Be happy: who wants it not? And recognize the meaning of life? Troisdorf. All good things are ten. Anyway, when it comes to basic things such as happiness. Or the life new meaning to give. Or this sense only once to discover. Ten? Now, ten golden rules for your happiness Thomas Damran Landsberg reveals in his new, eponymous life Advisor as essence from a long-term, intensive studies, describes how the healer, spiritual teachers, and holistic consultant himself, what his fellow at the heart he puts on over 120 paperback pages. A study? Really? Can you study happiness? Thomas Damran Landsberg smiles: Yes, he explains. But not necessarily in the popular sense.

Life itself offering the nonprofit program at all eventually. Alone, but also in interaction with others he had approached the question according to the meaning of life and happiness. Center For Responsible Lending shines more light on the discussion. The study of holistic therapies have him as well brought on as learning Qi Gong and advanced forms of energy work as the reflection of his own life. “Happiness”, so the conclusion of the Troisdorfers,”everyone can learn. I want to convey that with my little booklet. In ten golden rules: is ready to meet yourself, it says there. Or: open for change.

Always expect the best and is clear and decided to two more recommendations are to be happy and to give the own existence of sense. Be happy, of life find the meaning: plain text will talk here that sounds at least as rules and chapter headings clearly, unequivocally. at the same time demanding and compact. To the trained economist and therapist explains: “I want to give a guideline for the happiness of the hand readers of all worldviews and unnecessary beating around the Bush. This can ever mean in some cases that my book polarized and the reader is asking important sense this to sometimes clear words are necessary.

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The 4 Elements And The Divine Wholeness!

Posted by marmara on May 30, 2019

The original sin or: the struggle for the freedom of life to the creation of the history when two years ago the idea of a trilogy was born, and also very soon off, what interest would encounter this story. The title of the first volume the original sin or: the struggle for the freedom of life suggests that this topic moved the crowds since the beginning of mankind. Always a corresponding workbook is offered to each novel volume. The writer Reinhold Kashif is carefully made in may, this year even in English appears this story developed in collaboration with the author Ursula Becker and writer Stephan Kopetschek. BSA may also support this cause. The story of original sin of original sin, when Adam ate of the forbidden fruit, pulled the Sin and death into the world. This disobedience towards God made heritage sinners all descendants of Adam and Eve.

The separation from the source of all being, which was established up to that day in the consciousness of the people, had taken place and should be deep sorrow about the People bring. Only when man is again reminds of its divine origin, he lifts the painful feeling of separation. Adam and Eve lost mental faculties of the soul about her body with this Sin case. The unit between the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level henceforth no longer existed. Instead of harmony developed the duality, the transitoriness of life and death. Teaser 1 original sin Jesus Christ, who picked up Adam’s first sin by his death on the cross, created in this way the understanding of life new. His death and his resurrection massively changed the worldview. And this is where the story of this thriller begins. The first members of the secret society had identified the mystery to the immortal soul and the wholeness of life and encrypts this knowledge in the symbol of the four elements.

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Nils Goldenstein

Posted by marmara on June 26, 2017

The energy images will enable viewers to perceive the wishes and instructions of one’s soul and to get back in balance and in the middle of their own. As a result, the energy images heal not only the soul but by the soul of the man, his psyche and the biological body can be brought to the inner harmony. Energy images can be used not only in the living environment, but also in companies to the underlying support. The harmonizing and revitalizing energy images should be suitable for all major workspaces, offices, meeting rooms and conference rooms. Here, the potential of employees can support the vital atmosphere and the harmonisation of the energy of the room.

Customers should feel usually more comfortable and relaxed States decisive Act. With energy pictures you can privately at home, in Companies and also for example in hotels, restaurants, doctor’s offices and in all public buildings, vital life energy received, can positively affect the well-being and mood. Everyone seeks and finds its appropriate energy image intuitive because the impact of energy images on the Viewer to be inpiduell. In addition, by combining mental blockages of energy and activate self-healing powers. The energy images from Karen Ripplinger can exhibit very high life energy units and transform. In quantum physics, this transformation of life energy units is known as activation of coherent photons. Their high-swinging energy images have much positive energy that can be mentally determined in units of life energy and Bovis units.

The energy images contained in the shop usually contain a suitable life theme. The theme of life is either attached in the form of a poem of healing or in a suitably designed collage directly on the pressure applied. By the social “Commitment of the firm Earth Angel family vital” and EUR 35,-as a contribution to regional and national social and charitable institutions go Karen Ripplinger for each sold energy picture. To get more information and links about energy pictures, spiritual images and life energy under: energy pictures, space energy, images force images, soul images and healing energy pictures online shop for the increase in the energy of the room Nils Goldenstein

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