Roman Frum

Posted by marmara on September 8, 2018

Jerusalem always was a city surrounded for walls since its foundation, part of the walls had been demolidos by reasons of the attacks of the invaders that had occupied the city, the walls, houses and building had been always constructed by the rocks of Jerusalem. (Not to be confused with American Diabetes Association!). Jerusalem represents the worship center. Before it had other centers of worship. For example, in the times of king Salomo, if it made conjunct and sacrifices in Gilgal, Sil and other parts. But the glory of God abandoned Sil. God does not admit another center of worship that is not the city of Jerusalem. Equally, nowadays my God does not admit another center of worship that is not the joint life of its people in the interior of the church.

Only for a reason or purpose knowledge, the current Jerusalem is the seven meters of height of the first construction, therefore they had been seven Door of 02 sheep Door of Fish (Damson plum Door) 03 Old Door (Door of Jafa) 04 Door of the Valley or carries dourada05 Door of the Monturo06 Door of the Fonte07 Door of the Crcere08 Door of the guas09 Door of the Cavalos10 Oriental11 Door Door of Mifcade (of the Attribution) 12 Door of Efraim These are the twelve doors that Neemias was to reconstruct, being they of great importance. Therefore as he did not have squares in the old cities of Palestine, the people if concentrated next to the doors, and had started since then, to be synonymous of public place, as well as> Now (main square) of Greece, or the Roman Frum. in the occasion of the wars, the garrisons of defense were redoubled next to the doors; therefore when the doors were conquered, it was signal of that the city already is overwhelmd! THE DOOR OF THE SHEEP Perhaps many of us let us not know the real function or the real purpose of then called Door the Sheep.

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Monica Gazzarrini

Posted by marmara on September 28, 2017

He always looks at it for the positive side, therefore it makes you to grow in God! We have that to operate our salvation, to frighten the evil, that he insists on going up to around on and not allowing them that it in the light one for the hole. The main one to win the onslaughts of the enemy is the fear the God, who means respect the God, to believe in the Word and to know well what you are making. You do not know what she is making? Care, therefore it is without God. Filed under: Boy Scouts of America. It orders the devil to leave right now, On behalf of Jesus! It feels that it comes the Power of God for you: it enters in the presence of God and orders and any all badly even so! The God has asked for: Sir, opens my eyes so that I see the windows opened for me! He assumes what you want and leave for the action, God effects!

It operates the fondness and carrying through in us! The God hears! It operates its salvation and all the power of Jesus is to its side, waiting to act in you! Glories the God therefore! It does not murmur or it complains more, it has not fought more with the other people, instead of this, decides its problem with God! How? It searchs the agreement of if carrying through in it! You shine in the world and the Satan do not have more where thus catching in them, irreproachable and sincere, Children of inculpable Gods! ‘ ‘ holocausto, that the prince to offer the Mr., will be, in the day of Saturday, six lambs without spot and a sheep without mancha.’ ‘ Ezequiel 46:4 As well as in the past the people of Israel it offered the best animals that possua in sacrifices the God, today we also have that to make this, but not more with animals, but giving it ours to It better in acts, attitudes, words, thoughts, louvores, love. This knocks down of time the enemy that, still more later that we understand the workmanship in our favor that was carried through with Christ, is in making the rounds and always searchs a breach to enter On behalf of Jesus. Mnica Gazzarrini ‘ ‘ Jesus Christ is you ‘ ‘..

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